LAR de PAULA Familia Meruelo Elvillar de Álava
Lar de Paula Cepas viejas


Variedad de viñedo

This wine comes from one of the best harvests in the history of Rioja Alavesa.

In the winemaking process, 25,000 kg of Tempranillo grapes were selected from a 55-year-old vineyard located in the area known as Los Ventriles at an altitude of 610 m.

The vines grew in calcareous clayey soil and were goblet-trained.

Nota de cata

The winemaking process took place in stainless steel tanks using the Ganimede system. The tanks had a capacity of 25,000 kg from which 17,500 litres of wine were obtained. Fermentation took place in a French oak vat (Barrelbox), and b‚tonnage was conducted daily until 26th December.

The wine was transferred to new French oak barrels where it remained for 16 months, during which it was racked every 4 months.

As a result of this process, we obtained 24,000 bottles, which were stored in the bottle cellar for the following 24 months.

  • COLOUR: Intense cherry red.
  • NOSE: Ripe fruits, sweet spices and complex, creamy oak.
  • MOUTH: Tasty, toasted. Black fruits and ripe tannins.